Forestry Management

New Woodland and Rural Consultancy

Caledonian Rural specialise in the creation of new woodland specifically to integrate with a working farm or estate. If you are looking to create new woodland within your estate or farm or are simply thinking of creating shelter belts for your livestock, Caledonian Rural can create a bespoke woodland design to suit your needs. We will carry out a free assessment on your land and provide advice on suitability for forestry.

We will prepare an initial woodland design in accordance with your specification, then apply for forestry grants following this up with the implementation stage which includes fencing, planting, tree establishment, management of contractors and continuing maintenance of the trees. Along the way, we will keep you updated at regular intervals with cashflows detailing the financial incentives involved with the project. We are a family run business and are very much aware that our reputation survives on listening to you as the customer and delivering the project as per your exact requirements.

New Woodland Creation
New Woodland Creation
  • Land assessment for suitability for forestry
  • Bespoke new woodland design for a farm or estate.
  • Forestry grant applications
  • Cashflows of financial incentives
  • Digital mapping
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Wildlife conservation and environmental management
  • Management of forestry contractors – fencing, tree planting etc
  • Continuing maintenance of new woodland
Thinning and Felling

An accurate measurement of the volume and quality of standing timber is instrumental to a successful harvesting operation. Our highly skilled team are trained to use the most advanced GPS technology to measure and assess the volume of timber within a stand of trees. Caledonian Rural has an extensive knowledge of the timber marketplace and will arrange an auction to achieve the best price for your timber. Following on from this we will organise felling licences and manage the harvesting operation from cradle to grave.

Thinning and Felling
  • Timber volume measurement assessment
  • Felling licences
  • Timber marketing
  • Management of the harvesting process