About Us

Caledonian Rural is a partnership formed between Rob Clamp and Scott Fitzgerald. With bases in Ayrshire and Perthshire, we cover most of mainland Scotland.

Rob is a forestry consultant who has some 20 years of experience as a forest manager in a variety of both the private and public sector.  Between 2002-2018, Rob has worked in the Forestry Commission overseeing large scale woodland creation projects, timber harvesting and replanting programmes as well as specialising in the restoration of hundreds of hectares of derelict former coalfield sites.

Scott is a civil and environmental engineer who specialises in the restoration of redundant land for forestry or agricultural end use. With some 20 years’ experience in land reclamation working with soil remediation specialist contractors, Scott has led the way in developing pioneering methodologies to restore in excess of 5,000Ha of derelict land for many high profile estates and landowners.

Our clients include Forest and Land Scotland (formerly the Forestry Commission), Scottish Mines Restoration Trust (SMRT) and several private estates in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Lothian and Perthshire.